Conditions we commonly treat

Traditional Japanese Medicine has an integrated approach which is used to treat, back pain, sports injuries, health conditions, irritable bowel, urine infections, etc.

Below you will see a list of common conditions treated by Japanese natural medicine. this list is continually updated.

Examples of conditions that we treat

We are here to help you prevent and recover from health and mobility conditions and provide an integrated approach to health and mobility.

Back Pain: Sports Injuries: Physical Health:

missing image fileLumbago, Sciatica, Neck strain, Whiplash, Tight back, compressed disc, Gardeners back, Slipped disc, etc.

missing image fileTwisted ankles, Golfers elbow, Footballer’s knee and sprains of the joints/muscles/ligaments, etc.

missing image fileJoint conditions, Muscle imbalances, Frozen shoulder, Repetitive strain, Mobility, Neuralgia, Inflammation, Tendonitis, Fibrosis, Posture, etc.

Nutritional health:

Emotional health:

Female Health:

opti digest.jpgObesity, Weight loss, Food reactions, Irritable bowel, Lack of energy, Flatulence, Health recovery, etc.

skin hair and nails.jpgPrevention and recovery from stress, anxiety, body tension, life direction, etc.

female conditions.jpgHormone imbalance, PMS and PMT, Fertility, Candida, Thrush, Antenatal and Postnatal care, etc.

Babies and Infants:

Health Conditions:


baby conditions.jpgSuckling, Colic, Post delivery trauma, Coordination, Milk and food reactions, Mother and baby balance.

young at heart.jpgTinnitus Pain, Angina, Irritable bowel, Infections, Dyspepsia, Libido, Immune function, Arthritis, etc.

young at heart.jpgEnvironmental allergiesHayfeverFood allergies/SensitivitiesPet allergiesDust/Mite allergies


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