This is a unique 2,000 year old Japanese treatment combing a range of natural therapies blended together to balance your whole body targeting the course and not just the symptoms. It is suitable for a wide range of physical conditions from digestive disorders to headaches, back/neck pain, arthritis and many more click here for more information on this fascinating therapy. To see a range of our natural health products for physical wellbeing click here.

Modalities of Treatment that we provide:

These treatments can be used individually or in an integrated fashion to improve health and mobility

Spine Correction
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We integrate Mobilisation, Japanese Spinal correction, Reflex manipulation, Ligament balancing and our head to toe balancing treatment.

Muscular Treatments
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We integrate Swedish massage, Japanese massage, Position and release, Neuro Muscular Re-patterning and Kinesiology

Ligament and Joint Treatment
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We integrate Ligamentous techniques with Japanese ‘Fluid driving’ and Trigger point therapy to restore balance.

Acupuncture/Acupressure and Moxa:
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Used in the East for over 5,000 years and now becoming increasingly recognized in the West, for prevention and recovery.

Cranial Sacral and Fascia Balancing
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Uses highly developed palpation skills to gently correct and balance the intrinsic system – linked to the nervous systems.

Visceral and Lymphatic Massage
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Promotes toxin excretion, organ functions and energy balance, to assist the body in the recovery of most health conditions.

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Specific dietary adjustments and herbal Supertonics provide the fuel of recovery.

In addition we integrate Cranial balancing, Kinesiology and fascia release techniques.In essence you will be receiving a number of Natural therapies blissfully combined together to balance you whole body regardless of symptoms, thus targeting and treating the root cause of your ailment(s).

People from all walks of life can benefit from Traditional Japanese Medicine.


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