Nutritional therapy

missing image fileNutritional therapy exerts two roles. It assists in alleviating some common illnesses and is classed a preventative medicine. Correct nourishment of the body assists in warding off the major degenerative diseases such as heart disease, obesity, arthritis, cancer and diabetes. 

Aside from addressing a particular health issue, it is of paramount importance that all necessary nutrients not only be present, but also optimally digested and absorbed. 

This means the best possible intake of vitamins, minerals, essential fats and appropriate quantities of pure water are not only present on an everyday basis, but the basic physiology and biochemistry is also optimised. Once this is in place, specifics can be more easily dealt with.

We are what we eat and absorb. Our energy, overall physical vibrancy and zest for life are directly influenced by what we consume. Food is the greatest drug! We cannot expect to eat junk food and feel healthy, strong and ready to deal effectively with what life places before us on a regular basis. Stress is compounded by what we eat. Too many inappropriate food choices will most definitely worsen any problem chronic or acute.

Nutritional Medicine is a holistic therapy. It focuses on the whole person, whilst ameliorating the symptoms. Breakthroughs in nutrition continue to generate new concepts and ideas.

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Good nutrition will contribute towards a healthy heart, circulation and cholesterol levels, having a dramatic effect on the immune and digestive systems, as well as easily maintaining a healthy bodyweight. All these elements contribute and assist in creating or continuing to enjoy a long and healthy life for the people you work with towards their total wellness. Nutritional therapy is not just about healthy eating. It is a form of complementary/alternative medicine in which a practising therapist will work directly with the patient, helping his or her body rid itself of stressful substances, provide raw materials and generally improve assimilation of food in order to aid physical repair. 

This is achieved by assessing biological imbalances to include vitamin and mineral deficiencies, hormonal dysfunction, food sensitivities and underlying parasitic and fungal infections. It addresses the underlying cause leading to weight gain, water retention, loss of energy, food cravings, bloating, headaches, memory loss, bowel disturbances, joint pain, depression and infertility, etc. It boosts energy levels, increases the body’s ability to cope with stress and infection. It slows chronic degenerative disease and the ageing process. Recommending supplements, which are the cutting edge in the field of nutritional science, is undertaken on a very individual basis.

Although everyone wants to lead a healthier, high quality life, there are many pitfalls that ensnare people. Obviously, good nutrition is a fundamental pre-requisite to vibrant vitality which, of course, encompasses mental, emotional, spiritual as well as physical health.

Supplementation can be a minefield for the inexperienced; taking the wrong supplements for instance can be ineffective and money-wasting, even dangerous. Individuality of correct nutritional habits, which may include supplementation, is mandatory to extract the very best from life.

missing image fileDissatisfaction with anything less than the feeling of true vitality, endless energy and an incredible zest for living is to be encouraged and nurtured.

This therapy is for everyone as a preventative. It promotes the correct homeostasis to enable one to remain in peak condition, or return to their former state of good health.

People, in general, become very confused about nutrition, which is not really surprising, given all the conflicting advice that is around at present.

At Amatsuhealth we offer and combine the best naturally sourced supplements/foods and Japanese herbs for optimum wellbeing and a longer healthier life.

In summary then, improvements, which manifest through nutritional therapy, are:-

1.      It treats the cause, rather than just the symptoms.

2.      It prevents the problem, rather than wrestling with the formidable diseases once they are firmly implanted in the body.

3.      A longer a more vibrant life, rather than a decade of semi-ambulatory existence before death in the eighth decade.

4.      A more rational approach to healing personal involvement in health rather than complete reliance on others.

5.      Working with the personal biochemistry rather than trying to jam warning signals


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