'I met Sukh at the Vitality Show in April 2005 and had a treatment from him there. I was exhibiting at the show and my right arm, neck and shoulders were painful. I was so impressed with his treatment and the immediate relief I got that after the show I continued to see him regularly. I no longer have any pain in my arm and neck and he has also helped me with other complaints. His treatments are holistic and very effective and his manner is calm, professional and reassuring. I would definitely recommend Amatsuhealth to everyone I know.'

______________Alison Chan Lung, Psychic Love Coach (www.psychiclovecoach.com)

I suffered from a lower back problem whilst playing badminton which lead to further problems such as Sciatica.  Having visited a chiropractor and an osteopath I was told my back was so severe it required surgery.  A MIR scan also proved I was suffering from 2 degenerative disks.  I was left with a choice to either have surgery on my back or look for an alternative remedy.  Then I heard of Amatsuhealth from a family member. Amazingly by the fourth treatment, I felt different all of a sudden and there was no pain in my lower back and I was not even limping as I had been for the last few months.  Now with each visit I am seeing a much greater improvement.  Amatsuhealth’s treatments have changed my life completely.  Once again I am able to do the things which I thought I would never ever be able to do, without surgery.

I highly recommend this treatment to all those people who have lost hope from recovering from a painful ailment as well as preventing them from occurring.

______________Kulvinder Aulakh

Due to a whiplash injury, I suffered rheumatism in my neck and pins and needles in my hands.Having gone through physiotherapy and visiting a chiropractor my pains were still not getting better. I was still having sleepless nights.
A friend of mine recommended Amatsuhealth to me. After my initial consultation I decided to try out the treatment. After a few treatments I was sleeping much better. My neck was feeling much lighter and not as tense as it used to be.
With each treatment I attended I felt even better. My hands are feeling so much better now.
I thoroughly recommend Amatsuhealth to everyone. I will continue to have this treatment as a regular body balance and as a preventative measure.

______________Harbinder Bhupal

After only a few visits to Sukh, I am already feeling the benefits of his remedial bodywork and massage. Together with acupuncture on my major problem areas of neck-shoulder and hands, which are very much more flexible and less painful. Sukh is very professional, dedicated and meticulous. The pain and restriction from my arthritis is slowing healing!

______________Mrs J Bell

I was introduced to Amatsuhealth after suffering from severe headaches for years and then a very stiff neck had me on the doorstep of a consultant after painkillers didn’t work. Regular Traditional Japanese medicine treatments with acupuncture provided by Amatsuhealth had such a positive effect that I am now a regular. It really has helped me and highly I recommend it.

______________MissyD (Club Asia Radio)

I suffered from a whiplash injury following a car accident. I had severe pain for 4 years.

I consulted three GP’s, two physiotherapists and three orthopaedic surgeons. I had two MRI scans.

When the pain and discomfort could not be resolved, I obtained treatment from Amatsuhealth. Immediately my neck became more flexible and I was able to move my head without hearing cracking noises in my spine.

After a few treatments the pain had disappeared, and I was able to do jobs in my house and garden that I had been unable to do for four years.

I am extremely grateful and would recommend Amatsuhealth and the treatments they provide without hesitation.

______________Susan Lee –Kelland

"I feel like a new person after each treatment....For all round wellbeing AMATSUHEALTH is the place to go"

______________Caroline Edwards

Amatsuhealth’s results and methods in helping to restore you to optimum Health are impressive

I first attended the Amatsuhealth clinic in 2006 because of symptoms of stress at work and faltering energy levels. A trained expert in his chosen field, Sukh (the principle practitioner) initially made notes of my medical history and lifestyle. I then started a balanced course of treatment involving Japanese Therapy and Acupuncture. Some months later, I noted that my various aches and pains had diminished substantially and I felt better overall. I was very relieved!

This, together with effective advice as to complementary exercises in between treatments and attention to nutrition.

A distinct advantage with this type of treatment is that there is no need to remove any items of clothing and several treatments are blended together so you don’t just receive one treatment.

I currently attend Amatsuhealth’s clinic once a month for maintenance treatments.

Are you suffering from any niggling aches and pains? Do you listen to your body?

Do you feel tired all the time? Then contact Amatsuhealth for a consultation. (Rates are reasonable.)

______________R W (Immigration Officer)

On 11th January 2007 I had a neck and back massage from Sukh of Amatsuhealth at the Origins stand in Selfridges. Although he had never met me he was able in that first 15 minutes to diagnose and treat the pain in my neck and shoulders. I started visiting his clinic regularly in April 2007, and have been treated by him for various ailments on a 4-6 weekly basis since then.
My husband Bob suffered an infection in an old accident wound last year and Sukh was able to help him considerably with the recovery. He has also recently treated him after an accident to his hand and shoulder. The treatment was immediately successful.
Although the original ailments are cured we still visit regularly as the treatment is for the whole body and leaves us feeling great and refreshed. We look forward to the treatments. We also feel that they give us more energy and help us live a more active life.  I am 60 and my husband is 67.
Sukh has a very professional approach and has at all times explained the treatments he is giving. I would highly recommend him.

______________Maureen Jones - Retired Accountant

I We have been clients of Sukh (of Amatsuhealth) for many years for both general health and specific ailments including back problems, hay fever and golfer's elbow.  Always effective, Sukh combines his excellent knowledge across a wide range of disciplines with a relaxing and friendly manner.  Highly recommended.

______________Martin (Operations Manager) and Sharon (Air Stewardess) Throsby

I bless the day I found Sukh and Amatsuhealth. Sukh is the only person that has been able to give me back my mobility having been to top Consultants, Chiropractitioners and Osteopaths to no avail.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

______________Jean Perrin - Sales & Design

My son, of 5 years now, has eczema which is the result of multiple food sensitivities.  Sukh Padda has persevered to identify the food intolerances and has treated my son over a period of time since he was 3 years old.  The treatment carried out has been mainly acupressure.  As a result of the treatment we have seen significant improvements in his symptoms. 

Sukh has also treated myself, again for food intolerances.  As an adult my treatment consisted of acupressure, acupuncture and massage.  I have found the therapy to be very beneficial and I am now able to eat foods without the consequential skin reactions. 

______________Neela Mistry - Accountant


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