Physical wellbeing

Welcome to our online physical wellbeing shop. You will find a range of natural and carefully selected products designed to help ease any physical ailments you may be suffering with as well enhancing your overall physical wellbeing.

Salt Pipe Heat in a Click
Home Self Check
Aromadough Luminaire
Chi Foot Patches

These products coupled with our unique therapy offer an all round treatment and maintenance program for long term health benefits.

Choose from:


The revolutionary way to tone, lengthen, and realign your body

Heat in a Click

Reusable heat and cold packs in variety of shapes and sizes

Aromadough -

A multi-sensory play/therapy dough infused with different blends of pure essential oils

Home Health Kits

A range of Simple, Reliable, Accurate Health Tests for the Home and Work Place including tests for Cholesterol, Liver and Kidney function - link to pages

PureAire Revitalisers -

Unique, compact and inexpensive machines that will help provide fresher, cleaner air and a healthy harmonious living environment making a dramatic difference to the quality of your life, especially for asthma and allergy sufferers.

Chi Foot Patches™

The amazing foot patch from Korea that offers you a safe, inexpensive, convenient, and effective way of maintaining good health through detoxification

Airnergy -

Possibly the single most important weapon in the battle for better health link to pages 34-37 from the complete site V1 word document sent

Saltpipe -

A natural alternative for asthma, allergies or other respiratory disorders - home salt mine therapy link to pages 16-17


Feel free to look around the site and decide for yourself, or contact us  for further information or to arrange a no obligation consultation.

Visit our online shop for a wide range of natural wellbeing products designed to optimise all aspects of your health.

We take pride in the level of service and care that we provide to our clients who come from all walks of life and age groups. If you would like to read how we have helped them in their own words, please visit our testimonials section.

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